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National Council for Mental Wellbeing

MHFA Connect Storefront Voucher

MHFA Connect Storefront Voucher

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To purchase custom voucher amounts, please submit a Request Assistance Form with all of your voucher details. Custom vouchers are not issued until payment is received. 

How can you use this voucher:

  • You can use this voucher on any of your purchases on the MHFA Connect Storefront (manuals, merchandise, etc.).
  • You can share your voucher with others in your organization to apply to their invoices and storefront purchases.
  • You can also use this voucher to pay for invoices for others.


Vouchers do not expire and can be used on any purchases on the storefront and blended course invoices. 

A maximum of 2 vouchers can be purchased at once and are only sold using a credit card.

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