How to Generate a Quote (Product Estimate)

The below steps outline how to generate a self-serve Quote (Product Estimate)

1. Log into your MHFA Storefront Account

2. Once logged in, use the top navigation menu or search bar to find products. When on the product page, adjust the quantity you would like quoted and click “Add to Quote” below the product description to add to quote.  

3. A popup will appear entitled "My Current Quote." To add more products to your quote, click the "Continue Shopping" link and repeat Step 2 until all products are added to the quote request. 

4. To submit your quote request, enter your full name and email, then click "Email My Quote" 

5. Your quote will be delivered to the email address you entered. Please note that taxes and shipping costs are not included in your quote request. To place an order for your quote, return to the Storefront.