How to Place an Order

1. Log in

When you arrive on the MHFA Connect Storefront, ensure you are logged in before continuing. To log in, click on the account icon in the upper right corner of the page:

Login Icon

2. Add items to cart

Use the top navigation menu to find the items you wish to add to your cart.

Top Navigation Menu Screenshot

To add a product to your cart, click on the “Add to cart” button on the product’s description page.

ALGEE the Koala Product Page

3. Click cart icon when ready to check out

When you are ready to check out, click on the bag icon in the upper right corner of the page:

Shopping Cart Icon

From your cart page, you can verify your cart items, change quantities, or remove them from your cart. When you are ready to check out, click the “Check out” button in the lower right corner of the cart page.

Cart Page

4. Agree to terms and conditions

When you click the “Check out” button, a pop up will appear with terms and conditions. To continue with your order, read through the terms and conditions and select the checkbox to acknowledge. Click the “I agree” button to continue to the checkout page. For additional terms and conditions, please refer to our Terms & Conditions page.

Terms and Conditions Popup

5. Enter shipping address

Fill out your shipping address and ensure this is correct; once your order is placed, we cannot edit the shipping address. Please note that we do not ship to PO Boxes. Click “Continue to shipping” to select a shipping service.

Shipping Address Fields

6. Select shipping service

All orders are shipped via United Parcel Service (UPS). UPS Ground shipping is free, and expedited services are calculated based on shipping weight and distance. Select the service you wish to use and click “Continue to payment” to enter your billing information.

For more information on shipping policies, please refer to our Shipping Resource page.

Shipping Method Select

7. Select payment method

Select the payment method you wish to use. Important: orders with a total of $1,000 or less must be paid with a credit card; orders with a total between $1,001 and $10,000 can be paid with a credit card or via downloading an invoice (check or ACH payments only); orders with a total over $10,000 must be paid via check or ACH. After you have selected a payment method, enter your billing information.

Payment Method Select

If you have a Storefront voucher, you can enter the code at any point in the checkout process. Enter the code in the “Voucher or discount code” field and click the “Apply” button.

Voucher field

8. Enter billing information

Enter your billing address. Please ensure the billing address is correct; we are unable to change the billing address after the order has been submitted. If your organization is paying on your behalf, ensure you enter your organization's billing address. Once you have entered your billing information, click the “Pay now” button.

Billing Address fields

9. Order Confirmation

You will receive an order confirmation email once your order has been placed. You can download a copy of your invoice from the confirmation email.