Billing & Invoicing


How am I billed for In-Person Courses?

Teaching materials for in-person courses must be purchased prior to any scheduled in-person course.

Instructors do not receive invoices for learner participation following the course.

The number of manuals purchased prior to a course should equal the number of learners in each course.

NOTE: Manuals cannot be reused for in-person courses. Learners must leave the course with their assigned manual for future reference. Course participants must acknowledge receipt of a manual in the in-person course evaluation.

How am I billed for Blended Courses?

Instructor #1 receives a blended seat invoice 48 hours after the Instructor-led session based on the number of learners enrolled in the course. The price for each blended seat is $23.95. 

  • Learners appear on the blended seat invoice regardless of whether the learner begins or completes the pre-work or the post-work.
  • Learners appear on the blended seat invoice regardless of whether they pass or fail the course.

A learner can complete post-work any time after the Instructor-led session and is a certified First Aider when the post-work is completed.

A learner who is marked as a “No Show” on the course roster will appear on the invoice unless they are marked as a “No Show” AND “Unenrolled from course and from all other sessions & modules.”

Changes to blended seat invoices are considered through a Request Assistance Form submission.

Am I able to pre-purchase seats for blended courses? 

Pre-purchasing seats for blended courses is done by purchasing a MHFA Connect voucher from the storefront, or by submitting a Request Assistance Form ticket for a custom voucher order.

Vouchers can be used on blended seat invoices and any other storefront purchase.

Organizational Billing

Organizational billing allows for the centralization of the invoicing process for blended courses taught in MHFA Connect. By opting into this process, your organization's instructors will no longer receive invoices for their blended courses. Instead, an organization's billing point of contact will receive one (1) monthly invoice for all of the blended courses taught by their active Instructors.

The National Council for Mental Wellbeing will be offering organizational billing soon. If you are interested in opting in to organization billing, please fill out the Organizational Billing Interest Form.



About our Invoice Policy

The National Council for Mental Wellbeing is committed to the success of our MHFA Instructors, Coordinators and all MHFA programs across the country. To better support all of you, the National Council has enacted a new invoicing policy. Any Instructor or Coordinator with an invoice that has been unpaid for more than 180 days will temporarily lose access to MHFA Connect. Only the individual listed as the billing contact will lose access. Access will be reinstated within one week of fulfilling payment.


Payment reminder notifications for invoices are ONLY sent to the individual listed on the invoice and no other point of contact. Instructors/Instructor Candidates/Coordinators will continue to receive  payment reminder notifications until payment is received and processed by NCMW.

I don't see an option to download an invoice at checkout. 

As of September 30, 2022 the following changes to check-out were implemented for the MHFA Connect Storefront:

  • Any purchase up to $1,000.00 require a credit card payment at checkout.
  • Any purchase between $1,001.00 and $9,999.99 are permitted options to pay via credit card or an invoice can be downloaded for check or wire payments only.
  • Any purchase in excess of $10,000.00 is required to be paid via check or wire transaction. 

Paying Your Invoice

The instructor or coordinator who places the order is listed on the invoice. They are responsible for ensuring payment is remitted within the invoice remittance term period – 30 days.

If an organization is remitting payment on an instructor’s behalf, the instructor is responsible for forwarding the invoice email they received to the proper organizational point of contact for payment. Blended seat invoices should follow the same procedure.

Purchase Orders are accepted by NCMW for vendor creation and signature approval. We do not accept Purchase Orders as a form of payment. P.O.s are a promise to remit payment. We do not process Purchase Orders - if your organization issues a Purchase Order, the instructor or coordinator is responsible for returning to the Storefront to place an order for the items on the purchase order. Instructor #1 will still receive an invoice for blended seat invoices and is responsible for ensuring payment is remitted within the invoice remittance term period--30 days. 

Have questions about billing and invoicing? Please submit a ticket via the MHFA Connect Request Assistance Form.